Chapter 1004 All Parties Breakthrough

Time flashed by, and three months passed since Zhou Yuan went into closed-door cultivation. 

Many things had happened in Hunyuan Heaven during these three months. The biggest matter, of course, was the war between the Tianyuan Region and the top five forces. No matter how small or great, all sects and factions paid close attention to the changes in the war, and any new developments became the focus of Hunyuan Heaven and led to many heated discussions.

When the war first started, the top five forces swarmed out of their nests in full force and headed to the Tianyuan Region borders to capture the frontier cities and other major resource points. That, however, was met with the Tianyuan Region’s head-on attack.

Numerous battles broke out at the Tianyuan Region’s borders.

From the start of the war, the Tianyuan Region proved its powerful foundation to the world. Even if they had fallen into decline over the years, they still battered and bloodied the armies of experts from the top five forces with their counterattacks, and it was unknown how many experts lost their lives on the battlefield.

But the top five forces were extremely tenacious. They were unconcerned about their initial defeat and prepared stronger offensives in the blink of an eye and frantically attacked the Tianyuan Region’s borders.

Moreover, the top five forces issued a summons across the entire Hunyuan Heaven. They intended to enlist experts from any parties to join them to suppress the Tianyuan Region. The bait they threw out was that they would split the Tianyuan Region’s 900 prefectures with them.

The nine regions’ territories were not only the most abundant in Genesis Qi; they also contained a large number of cultivation resources. Therefore, although they were jealous of such resources, many experts feared the nine regions’ power and didn’t dare to touch them.  

However, now that a pack of wolves surrounded the deteriorating Tianyuan Region, it was inevitable for some forces to lose their mind to greed and join in to tear a piece of fatty meat from the Tianyuan Region’s colossal body. However, they were still the minority. Many more forces remained neutral and watched from the sidelines. Therefore, it seemed that the top five forces’ move had little effect.

But unexpectedly, the top five forces’ armies grew stronger every day. After some investigation, some people found that there were forces continuously supporting the top five forces from the background. 

Strictly speaking, the majority of those forces were vassals of the Wanzu Region.

Although their strength couldn’t compare to the top five forces, they had an advantage in number. With that huge reserve army, their attack against the Tianyuan Region became fiercer, and the borders were washed with blood.

Many sects and factions were shocked that the Wanzu Region wasn't holding back. Although the Wanzu Region didn’t act themselves, they used all the people, sects, and forces they could. It seemed that the Wanzu Region had finally revealed its years of plotting.

It seemed they wouldn’t rest until the Tianyuan Region was destroyed!

Many people secretly sighed and felt sorry for what was happening to the Tianyuan Region. In the face of the Wanzu Region’s fierce attacks, it seemed the Tianyuan Region was bound to suffer a calamity. 

So, with the Wanzu Region assisting in secret, the war gradually changed.

In the face of the endless allied forces, the Tianyuan Region’s counterattacks were soon withstood, and the two sides were locked in a fierce battle like a meat grinder. Experts continued to fall endlessly, making the war even more tragic and bloody. 

The smell of blood brought by the war almost shrouded the entire Hunyuan Heaven.

But while the two sides continued to send experts to fill the gap in the war, the Law Domain experts of both sides hadn’t yet acted. Perhaps the Law Domain experts of both parties were watching and waiting for the best moment to attack. After all, a move from a Law Domain expert could easily destroy the world.  

Although Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the other Law Domain experts were stronger than those of the other party in terms of individual strength, the five forces had an advantage in number, and coupled with Wanzu Region’s secret support, it was difficult to find the best opportunity to attack. Therefore, they had to keep quiet for the time being.

In this war, the outcome depended on which side would reveal a flaw first.


While the war between the Tianyuan Region and the top five forces was like an unstoppable wildfire, another matter attracted a lot of attention. 

The Divine Dwelling stage heaven prides in Hunyuan Heaven had begun to make breakthroughs one after another. 

Among them, the most notable were undoubtedly Wanzu Region’s Zhao Mushen, the Wushen Region’s Wu Yao, the Zixiao Region’s Su Youwei and the Xuehai Region’s Wang Xi. The four had completed their breakthroughs at different times, but the most astonishing thing was that each of the four had refined a glass Heavenly Sun! 

The result drew countless exclamations of admiration.

The glass Heavenly Sun was the highest-grade Heavenly Sun, and once refined, it could give birth to 400 million Genesis Qi stars!  

There were three levels in the Heavenly Sun stage, and similar to the Divine Dwelling stage, as one increased one’s level, the refined Heavenly Sun would more greatly increase one’s foundation. 

Zhao Mushen and the others had only just entered the initial Heavenly Sun stage, yet they already possessed a foundation of 400 million Genesis Qi stars. From this point, they could challenge even advanced Heavenly Sun experts who had only refined ordinary Heavenly Suns even if they were only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage!

After all, an ordinary Heavenly Sun meant that one would only possess a foundation of 100 million Genesis Qi stars. Even at the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, there would at most be 400 to 500 million Genesis Qi stars. In a real battle, it would be impossible for ordinary Heavenly Sun experts to compete against the various regions’ top heaven prides.

Of course, this was only for those with ordinary Heavenly Suns.

If the top heaven prides were to face a veteran Heavenly Sun expert who had refined a silver-snow Heavenly Sun, they could only challenge those of the intermediate-Heavenly Sun stage.  

As for facing a veteran Heavenly Sun expert who had refined a purple-gold Heavenly Sun or even a glass Heavenly Sun, they needed to train for a period of time first.

Zhao Mushen could be said to have swept away all the bad luck in the nine regions tournament with his breakthrough. Countless people couldn’t help but compliment him. It was no wonder Zhao Mushen had dominated the Divine Dwelling stage for several years. Even if he had encountered a setback, he wasn’t dispirited and refined a glass Heavenly Sun.

And when Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei broke through to the Heavenly Sun stage, many people began to turn their attention to the Tianyuan Region.   

They realized that Zhou Yuan hadn’t appeared in the war and had heard that he was preparing to break through to the Heavenly Sun stage. This piqued many people’s interest because they were curious to know what kind of level Zhou Yuan, who had broken the Divine Dwelling stage’s limit, would reach after his breakthrough.

If his breakthrough failed...he was bound to become a laughingstock.

But that result wouldn’t be surprising. After all, Zhou Yuan had only been at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage for a few months, whereas Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei had prepared for years at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan’s breakthrough in Tianyuan Utopia had become the focus of much anticipation and speculation.  

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