Chapter 1002 War Credit


On the floating island, countless people stared at the young figure behind them in disbelief. Even Nascent Source experts were in a state of shock. It was obvious how much Chi Jing’s words had shaken them.

Everyone in the Tianyuan Region knew that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan only had two disciples, Zhuan Zhu and Chi Jing.

Those two were top experts known throughout Hunyuan Heaven!

But Chi Jing suddenly informed them that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had a third disciple called Zhou Yuan, who was only at the peak of the Divine Dwelling stage! Countless people couldn't believe it and found it impossible.

In that silent world, Zhou Yuan didn't utter a word and just clenched his hand. The Heavenly Yuan Brush flashed out, and ancient and mysterious Genesis Runes flickered on its body. Spirit power spread out behind him, vaguely revealing a Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone releasing ancient, oppressive pressure. 

“The Heavenly Yuan Brush!”

“The Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method?!”

When the Heavenly Yuan Brush and the silhouette of the divine grindstone appeared, unsurprisingly, gasps and exclamations of shock rippled through the crowd. Even the Nascent Source experts trembled and inhaled sharply. After all, neither object could be faked.

Chi Jing’s indifferent voice rang out again, “Zhou Yuan, who is from another Heaven, had caught my master’s attention and was ordered to come to the Tianyuan Region.”

Countless people stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure with blazing looks. But this time, admiration and envy gushed from their eyes.

However, the eyes of the Nascent Source experts lit up. They understood the deeper meaning within Chi Jing’s words: supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was still safe and sound in the world. After all, Zhou Yuan wasn't very old, so if Cang Yuan had accepted Zhou Yuan as a disciple, it must have happened in recent years.

They quietly breathed a sigh of relief. As long as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was alive, they felt they could stand up straight and no longer have to fear the Wanzu Region.

The Nascent Source experts all peered at Zhou Yuan and couldn't help feeling envious. This kid has such good luck to be favored by supreme sovereign Cang Yuan. If he really is the supreme sovereign’s official disciple, it isn’t surprising that he achieved so many amazing things in less than two years. 

“He’s the supreme sovereign’s third official disciple?” Li Qingyue’s face turned ashen. Earlier, he had said Zhou Yuan would lose his identity as chief pavilion master if he broke through to the Heavenly Sun stage, but it seemed Zhou Yuan wouldn't care about this identity and status.

According to the Tianyuan Region’s rules, the supreme sovereign’s disciples would become grand elders, a level equal to sect master Xuan Kun!

Moreover, Li Qingyue had said that Zhou Yuan could be transferred and made his subordinate and that he could order Zhou Yuan around. Now that Li Qingyue thought about it, it was really laughable.

Qin Lian also wore a complicated look on her face. Many remarkable and talented heaven prides had always hoped to become supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s official disciple, but that position fell to Zhou Yuan.

“It’s really unfair.” Qin Lian muttered to herself. Zhou Yuan was indeed outstanding and had won first place in the nine regions tournament, and perhaps he was already invincible in the Divine Dwelling stage, but in Qin Lian’s and many Heavenly Sun experts’ eyes, Zhou Yuan was too young and inexperienced. After all, who of the present Heavenly Sun experts weren’t above the others back when they were at the Divine Dwelling stage?

Although they had never won first place in the nine regions tournament, they had achieved many other remarkable feats. They had also gone through painstaking training to reach their present level and earn a place in Hunyuan Heaven’s Heavenly Sun stage.

Their achievements were not necessarily inferior to Zhou Yuan’s.

Moreover, even if one was outstanding in the Divine Dwelling stage, it did not necessarily mean one would achieve the same in the Heavenly Sun stage. It remained to be seen how bright Zhou Yuan's future would be.

Therefore, when Zhou Yuan’s identity was announced, even Qin Lian and other open-minded people felt indignant and unhappy, let alone other Heavenly Sun experts. For example Bai Yu and Bian Biji, who stared at Zhou Yuan with scorching eyes, carefully scrutinized him.

If Zhou Yuan’s identity were what it used to be, they would have likely challenged him already.  

Zhou Yuan was very calm towards the countless shocked and scrutinizing gazes because he had already expected this scene. After all, his identity as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s third disciple was indeed unbelievable, even for Nascent Source experts.


Looking at Zhou Yuan, Lu Xiao, Mu Liu, Yi Qiushui and the others couldn't say a word.

With some difficulty, Yi Qiushui finally said, “How could you be the third official disciple of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan?” She was considered the person who knew Zhou Yuan the best, and she was also the first person Zhou Yuan had met in Hunyuan Heaven. She had never thought that the young man she had saved would possess such a terrifying identity.  

Zhou Yuan smiled at her. “It was my master who sent me to the Tianyuan Region, but I was injured in the spatial storm.”

Ye Bingling cried out, “No wonder you’re so abnormal. So you’re a disciple of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan.”

After saying this, she covered her mouth and chuckled.

The Four Pavilions disciples all stared at Zhou Yuan in awe. It was clear that they felt a lot of pressure after Zhou Yuan’s identity was exposed, and even the members previously close to Zhou Yuan became a little cautious.

After all, Zhou Yuan's identity wasn’t that of a chief pavilion master, and his status was instead comparable to one of the five grand elders!

The silence on the floating island continued for a long while, and finally, there was a low murmur of whispers.

However, after experiencing the initial shock, everyone finally realized that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was still alive. The atmosphere buzzed like never before, and everyone beamed with joy.

As long as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was around, there would always be a stabilizing force in the Tianyuan Region.

In the void, Chi Jing cast a glance at Zhou Yuan. After revealing Zhou Yuan’s identity, the Tianyuan Region’s morale had dramatically improved. However, this also brought Zhou Yuan considerable pressure, such as scrutiny from Heavenly Sun experts.

Although they didn't dare to overstep their bounds because of Zhou Yuan’s new identity, they would inevitably question whether Zhou Yuan had the qualifications to become the supreme sovereign’s third official disciple.

But Chi Jing didn't worry too much because she believed in Zhou Yuan.

“Although Zhou Yuan is the third disciple of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan and is qualified to assume the position of grand elder, he has voluntarily declined. So, for the time being, there are still only five grand elders in the Tianyuan Region,” Chi Jing’s voice rang out again.

An uproar broke out, and countless people were a little surprised since no one thought Zhou Yuan would willingly give up such authority.

Some Nascent Source experts’ expressions also changed, but when they looked at Zhou Yuan again, they had a much better opinion of him. After all, they were only second to the five grand elders, and it would be difficult for them to bow respectfully to a junior at the Divine Dwelling stage.

After Zhou Yuan’s identity was revealed, the atmosphere on the floating island gradually reached its peak.

Chi Jing grew solemn. With the flick of her finger, universe Genesis Qi came rolling over and formed a huge map in the void.

“From the information we have, the experts of the Tri-Mountain Alliance, Crimson Cloud Sword Sect, Venomous Dragon Palace, Spirit Swallower Pavilion and the Thunder Mountain have all swarmed out of their nests.”

There were five territories lit up on the map, each symbolizing one of the top five forces. According to their geographical location, all five happened to be situated around the Tianyuan Region. But apart from the Tri-Mountain Alliance, the other four did not share a border with the Tianyuan Region.

The situation resembled a group of wolves surrounding the tiger.

Looking at this huge map, countless people grew serious because they could already feel the tension from the approaching storm.

“From today on, the Tianyuan Region will create the War Service List, which means whoever defeats experts of the five top forces will receive war credit.

“The Tianyuan Region will open the door to the treasure house, and with enough war credit, you can exchange for many Heaven Genesis techniques, little Saint Arts, grade-6-and-above Genesis Qi cultivation techniques, Genesis weapons, high-grade pills and other treasures!

“Moreover, with enough war credit, you can even exchange for a true Saint Genesis Art.”

When Chi Jing’s clear voice rang out, the entire Tianyuan Utopia bubbled with excitement, and every time she mentioned a reward, countless people’s eyes reddened, and their breathing turned more hurried. In particular, when the Saint Genesis Art was mentioned, even the eyes of the Nascent Source experts gleamed covetously.



Countless hysterical roars broke out.

Facing the temptation of war credit, everyone burned with battle intent, and they saw the five forces’ invading experts as war credits.

Chi Jing and the other four grand elders nodded.

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. After this day, the war would really break out, and he would soon begin his closed-door training to attack the Heavenly Sun stage. He knew he could only participate in the war once he reached the Heavenly Sun stage.  

It was all for the Ancestral Dragon Lantern!

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed red. If anyone stopped him from awakening Yaoyao, even if it were a colossal monster like the Wanzu Region, he wouldn't have the slightest fear.

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