Chapter 1001 Gather

Zhou Yuan was a little surprised to hear Qin Lian speak such words. After all, she was imposing, and he had originally thought that she had come to remove him from the limelight and support the Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples by suppressing him.

While Zhou Yuan stared at her in surprise, she seemed to know what he was thinking. She raised her sword-like eyebrows and said, “Don't worry, I’m not that narrow-minded. If you hadn’t turned the tides in the nine regions tournament, the Divine Dwelling experts in the Tianyuan Region would have been trampled into the ground.

“Compared to suffering a devastating blow to our reputation, what would it matter if you suppressed the Heavenly Spirits Sect’s Divine Dwelling experts? They’re just too incompetent.” 

She again shot Lu Xiao and the others an icy stare with her piercing sword-like eyes.

Zhou Yuan didn't know how to respond to Qin Lian’s ruthless words and could only force a smile.

“But…,” Qin Lian paused for a moment before she continued, “Lu Xiao and the others are useless, but that doesn't mean the Heavenly Spirit Sect is like them. Besides, those on the Heavenly Sun List are the real hidden dragons. I look forward to you making your way onto the Heavenly Sun List and seeing whether you can create waves in that bottomless pool.

“One last thing. If you want to be involved in this war, try to come to the territory under my control, and I will do my best to take care of you.” 

Zhou Yuan had made a name for himself in the nine regions tournament, which undoubtedly attracted a lot of jealousy. In ordinary times, those jealous feelings wouldn’t matter, but during a war, it was impossible to guarantee that the five top forces’ Heavenly Sun experts wouldn't look for an opportunity to kill him.

Although Zhou Yuan was considered the strongest among all Divine Dwelling experts, if he broke through to the Heavenly Sun stage, he would only be at the initial level. This meant it would be very dangerous for him to face veteran Heavenly Sun experts or even deal with those who hadn’t made it onto the Heavenly Sun List.

Therefore, Qin Lian was looking out for Zhou Yuan.

In response to Qin Lian’s goodwill, Zhou Yuan said with a smile, “If I face a problem, I will certainly ask elder Qin Lian for help.”

Qin Lian could feel the politeness in Zhou Yuan’s words. She couldn't help but shake her head inwardly. She just treated it as Zhou Yuan still having an air of arrogance from being the strongest of the Divine Dwelling stage and his not wanting to lose face. Did he know that the waters of the Heavenly Sun stage were much deeper than the Divine Dwelling’s?

It doesn’t matter. When this boy suffers some hardships, he will understand that even if he possesses remarkable talents and is at the top of the Divine Dwelling stage, he will have to act conscientiously in the Heavenly Sun stage for a while. It’s only when he reaches the advanced Heavenly Sun will he be able to display some of his former brilliance.

Therefore, Qin Lian didn’t say anything else. She was also an extremely proud person, and she only expressed goodwill to Zhou Yuan because he helped the Tianyuan Region in the nine regions tournament. But if he didn’t appreciate her goodwill, there was nothing else she could say.

Qin Lian turned around and led her people to the side.

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze. Looking at the countless figures on the tremendous floating island, he felt the intense battle intent that had filled the world. He pursed his lips. From a certain point of view, these people were fighting for the same goal as him.

Only when they defeated the five forces would the Wanzu Region hand over the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.

The atmosphere on the floating island became more and more intense, and famous Heavenly Sun experts constantly appeared, causing exclamations of surprise to often ring out.

Qin Lian was undoubtedly the most dazzling among the arrivals, so their gazes were filled with awe as they stared at her. Even some Nascent Source stage experts occasionally cast her admiring gazes. Qin Lian was evidently the most popular among the Tinayuan Region’s Heavenly Sun experts.

In addition to Qin Lian, Zhou Yuan saw other imposing figures.

He peered ahead and saw a large number of White Clan experts assembling. At the forefront of the group was a white-haired man whose face was pale, and he wore a heart-chilling smile on his face. He even exuded a faint discernible oppressive pressure. 

He was Bai Yu from the White Clan, and he belonged to the same generation as Qin Lian and was ranked 15th on the Heavenly Sun List.

Not far from Bai Yu was a burly man standing with his arms crossed. The man’s eyes were like crystals, and a mysterious light surged around his body. He was Bian Buji from the Profound Crystal Clan, ranked 19th on the Heavenly Sun List.

Farther away was a delicate woman with a particularly slim willow-like body. Her expression was gentle and kind. It was Mu Youlan of the Wood Clan, ranked 23rd on the Heavenly Sun stage.

In addition to those most eye-catching people, several other Heavenly Sun stage experts were exuding equally terrifying pressure from their bodies. Some were most likely ranked on the Heavenly Sun List. From this, it was already enough to indicate that the Tianyuan Region’s Heavenly Sun foundation was indeed much stronger than their foundation of Divine Dwelling stage experts.

This was normal because many Heavenly Sun experts had emerged before the Tianyuan Region had begun to decline and weaken.

Under the pressure of the many Heavenly Sun experts, the Divine Dwelling experts on the floating island couldn't help trembling, feeling weak and insignificant.

Although what Li Qingyue had said wasn't pleasant to the ear, it was indeed true. In a war of this level, the Heavenly Sun stage experts were the main force, whereas the Divine Dwelling experts could only assist and receive their commands. 


While Zhou Yuan was sighing inwardly, Genesis Qi rippled through the void, and five figures emerged in the sky. Immediately, an indescribable majestic aura shrouded the world. Under this aura, even the floating island buzzing with people fell silent immediately.

Let alone the Heavenly Sun stage experts, even the Nascent Source stage elders in the front bowed respectfully to the five figures in the void, their faces filled with awe. “Paying respect to the five grand elders.”

Countless figures on the floating island bowed one after another.

“Paying respect to the grand elders!”

It was Chi Jing and the other four grand elders.

Chi Jing swept a look over the countless figures on the floating island, nodding gently. “Presumably, you already know that five top forces, including the Tri-Mountain Alliance, Crimson Cloud Sword Sect and the Venomous Dragon Palace, have declared war on the Tianyuan Region. As one of the nine regions, we can’t easily let them off for their disrespectful action.

“My Tianyuan Region will fight this battle with all our strength and make them pay a disastrous price. Only then will nobody dare to underestimate my Tianyuan Region!” 

Roars echoed throughout the floating island.

“Fight with all our strength!”

“Fight with all our strength!”


However, a worried frown crossed some people’s faces. They weren’t afraid of the top five forces but the Wanzu Region that was behind them. The majority of them were Nascent Source stage experts, as only people of their level would understand the deeper cause of this war.

Chi Jing took in all the reactions and said calmly, “In addition to the war, there is another important matter I want to tell you.”

Under the countless gazes, Chi Jing pointed to Zhou Yuan and said, “You all must know that Zhou Yuan won first place in the nine regions tournament.”

Many people cast a look at Zhou Yuan and marveled quietly.

Some Nascent Source experts, however, didn't have much of a ripple of emotion on their faces because in their opinion, placing first in the nine regions tournament didn't mean anything. Rather, the nine regions tournament was just a little game among their little Divine Dwelling juniors.

Chi Jing’s voice fell from the sky and echoed in everyone's ears, “What I want to say is that Zhou Yuan has another identity...he is supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s third official disciple.”

When her words resounded, it undoubtedly was like a tremendous bomb exploding on the floating island, causing everyone’s pupils to shrink abruptly.

The Nascent Source experts’ faces were also twisted with disbelief.

Qin Lian spun her head around and looked at Zhou Yuan’s expressionless face, her mouth widening.

Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and Lu Xiao also stared dumbstruck at him.

What did they hear?!

Zhou Yuan is the supreme sovereign’s third official disciple?!

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