Chapter 261 - One Person (7)

Chapter 261 - One Person (7)


Atein put all his power into executing this attack.  The enormous sword of darkness looked as if it would touch the sky.  When it was brought down, it ruthlessly broke apart the domain being maintained by Azell.


The White Flame Phoenix was cut into two.  The light marbles, which were dispersed by the Box of Hate, continued to explode as they were extinguished.  Even the domain created by the Master of Raging Waves was ripped apart like paper.  Finally, the Unyielding Fortress was sliced open.  The only thing left was the enormous pillar of light.

Even the pillar of light was cut into two by the sword of darkness.

For a brief moment, darkness dominated everything.

It really was the perfect moment.  

It was as if time had stopped.  It felt as if this moment would stretch on forever.  However, the moment passed, and the magical energy making up the pillar of light fell.  The light magical energy hit the surrounding like a tsunami.


It really looked like the city was being submerged by a tsunami.

Everything around them was destroyed.  The broken buildings were turned into rubble. The Dragon Demon castle, which had still remained intact, was swept away by the light.  It was like watching a natural disaster.   It was too solemn of a sight when one considered that only a single person had perished in this attack.

Atein continued to watch as if he was mesmerized by the sight.  Suddenly, he felt a frightening sensation.

‘Someone is watching me?’

He felt someone's gaze on him.

It wasn’t one of the civilians, who had been swept up by the calamity.  There was clear hostility directed towards him.


An explosion rang out in the distance.  

When Atein turned his gaze towards the explosion, he saw one of the pillars of Darkness fall.  Someone had destroyed the facility that was emitting the darkness.  

Kwah-ahng, kwahhhhhhhhng……!

It didn’t end there.  The second, third and fourth pillars exploded before Atein knew what was going on.  The curtain of darkness started to fall.

‘It is just one person.’

Atein was sure that there was only one culprit.  While Atein was busy fighting Azell, this person had placed explosion magic within the facilities maintaining the pillars of Darkness.  This person had detonated the facilities all at the same time.

It resulted in the curtain of darkness starting to fade away.  Light started to filter in through the curtain of darkness.


Atein squinted when the sunlight suddenly hit his eyes.

A blade suddenly came towards him.


Atein was surprised.  He blocked the attack, and he was flung backwards.

He was perplexed, but he immediately realized that someone had connected two points in space to attack him.

‘Aunsaurus’ descendant?’

Atein caught sight of the Dimensional Distortion from the distance.  Laura was glaring at him from the outskirts of the city.

However, she wasn’t the real problem.


Atein’s eyes widened.

Azell was slumped over as he stood next to her.  He was a bloody mess.  

The blue Dragon Demon weapon in his hand was burning up with a pure white light.

The wave of light washed over the ground.  Azell used the Ultrahigh Speed Pure Copper technique to pass through the Dimensional Distortion, and he attacked Atein.


An explosion rang out as Atein fell towards the ground.  He was barely able to kick off the ground.  He rolled several times to lessen the damage.  Atein threw up blood.


Azell swung his sword from the distance.

-Thunder Dragon’s Horn!

A lightning strike, which was as sharp as a blade, hit Atein.  Atein was barely able to dodge it.  Azell followed up immediately with another attack.


Atein refused to take it lying down.  He moved backwards at full speed as he brought up his defensive magic.  He let the force of the attack flow through him.

The pure white blade and the pitch dark blade remained locked together.

Azell yelled.

“…let’s end this ill-fated relationship between the world and you!”

They were entangled with each other as they flew at high speed.  Azell rotated his body as he let out a kick.  Atein was hit, and he was sent flying higher into the sky.  The rebound sent Azell towards the ground.  He once again used the Ultrahigh Speed Pure Copper technique to chase after Atein.

“Ill-fated!  Ha-ha-ha!  You are saying I have a ill-fated relationship with the world?”

Atein let out a bitter laughter.

Atein used his clone to block Azell, who was charging towards him.  Azell defeated the clone as he pushed higher into the air.  The fight had taken only a brief moment, yet he saw several dozen circles of darkness appear in the air.

The spells, which were charged within, were released at the same time.  The light was so bright that it was blinding.  The shockwave shook the heavens.


Azell burst through the explosion as he charged Atein.  The sword, which was burning with white light, was brought down towards Atein.  Atein parried with the Darkness Engraver.


A clear sound rang out.

It was the sound that rang out when swords clashed against each other.  However, this was the first time the pure sound of blades clashing against each other had been heard.  

“What a pity.”

Atein laughed.

Azell had brought down his sword with all his power, but the blow felt light to Atein.

It seemed Azell’s power had been depleted when he charged through the spells.  After blocking Azell’s movements, Atein spoke.

“This is the end, my fated foe.”


Atein felt puzzled by Azell’s words.

There wasn't a single ounce of despair in Azell’s voice.

‘What is he up to…….’

It happened when he was trying to end the fight by setting off his spells.  Azell’s sword, which had been stopped by his Darkness Engraver, resolved into a different appearance.

Since the blade had been surrounded by a burning light, the only part that was visible was the hilt of the sword.  Atein  was appalled when he saw the subtle change.

‘Moon sword?’

He had thought the sword was the Sky Splitter.  While the blade was burning with white light,  it didn’t have the blue luster of the Sky Splitter.  It was the Moon sword, which Azell had inherited from his teacher.

The sword cut space before Atein could question anything.


Atein’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The Darkness Engraver had been broken into two.  Moreover, there was a deep cut to his body.  Red blood sprayed into the air.

‘I see.’

Atein was in a state of shock, but he acquired his answer before he fell to the ground.

‘Is it the Extreme Extinction?’

It was the third form of the Extreme Extinction that had been displayed during the fight between Almarick and Azell.  Azell had manifested it through the Moon sword.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared above Atein’s body.  The sun was on Azell’s back as he looked down at Atein.

“Once again…..”

He was opening his mouth when he threw up blood once again.

This wasn’t the first time he had experienced this.  This was the sensation he had experienced at the end of the Dragon Demon war.  The sound of death’s footsteps was getting closer.

“…I’ve been had by Carlos and you.”

There was blood around his lips as he smiled.  

Azell nodded his head.

“Yes.  I would have lost this fight without him.”

He had openly used the Sun Lightsaber to bait Atein.  He used it to set up his next move.  Azell used his clone to maintain his trap as he hid his true body.  He waited for the right moment.  

If it ended there, it would have been optimal for Atein. However, Atein had pushed through Azell’s trap, and he had destroyed the Sky Splitter.

At this point, Azell wasn’t able to immediately resummon the Sky Splitter.  In such a situation, Azell had done something very bold.  He made the Moon sword look like the Sky Splitter, and he had charged forward for the final attack.

It was to take advantage the preconceptions that had been ingrained into Atein by Carlos and Azell.

In order for Azell to use the Extreme Extinction, he had to activate the Sun Lightsaber using the Sky Spitter.

The version of the Extreme Extinction left behind by Carlos could only be used by magicians.  It was done through a magician sacrificing a Dragon Demon weapon.

These intricate lies had been created, so Azell could take advantage of this exact moment.

“Magic isn’t the only way it can be used….   I never expected that to be a lie….”

Atein sounded dejected as he laughed.

The variation of the Extreme Extinction technique had been left behind by Carlos.  In truth, it wasn’t a technique that was exclusive to magicians.  Spirit Order users could also sacrifice their Dragon Demon weapon to recreate the Extreme Extinction.

It was the same as how Arrieta was able to use the Extreme Extinction by sacrificing the Crying Phoenix.

“If my teacher knew that his Dragon Demon was sacrificed in order to kill you, he would have been satisfied.”

He had sacrificed the Dragon Demon weapon left behind by his third teacher Liglan.  The Moon sword symbolized his special relationship to his teacher.  Azell was proud of the absolute knowledge that the sacrifice had been worth it.

Atein mumbled to himself.

“In the end….  I couldn’t overcome the world’s hatred…..”

“If you treat the world with hate, you have to be ready to be hated by the world….”

Azell mumbled those words without realizing it.  Atein looked at Azell with glassy eyes as he spoke.

“A human taught me those words a long time ago.”


“I am sad.  In the end, I couldn’t change anything…..”

Atein was truly sad.

He wasn’t sad about his own death.  He had been tormented for a very long time.  He had been lonely living in a different time frame compared to everyone else.  He strangely felt relieved when he realized that it would come to an end.  

However, his death wouldn’t change the fate of humanity.

“Oh Azell.  The fate that’ll greet humanity won’t change”

“I know.  You are a sage that was able to unravel the truths of this world.  The calamity, which you predicted, will come someday.”

“Unimaginable amounts of blood will flow.  The world will be covered by a tsunami of hate.”

“Even if that is true…….”

Azell sighed as he spoke.

“…it isn’t something you can handle on your own.  From the beginning, it was an undertaking that you shouldn’t have taken on by yourself, Atein.”


“It is something we all have to overcome.  This includes our descendants.  Humans shouldn’t give up on everything.  They shouldn’t cling onto you as if you are a god…….”

No one had the right to live someone else’s life.  Even if their destinies were preordained by the gods, everyone had to live their own lives.  

“That is why you should sleep now, Atein.  You’ve done your part.”

The knowledge dug up by Atein would be passed on to humanity.  Humanity would use this knowledge to make preparations.  They’ll fight the inevitable calamity that’ll hit them in the distant future.

“…I see.”

Atein let out a faint smile.  Somehow, there was contentment within his smile.

“That will do…  It seems my life wasn’t a waste.”

He was a man that had feared the loneliness that came along with living an eternal life, so he had tried to change the world.  He had looked down on the world, but now he accepted the fact that he was just one of the people living in this world.  He closed his eyes.


Aincera was deep within the Dragon Demon castle, and she was waiting for the battle to end. 

When she was with Atein, she showed feelings of love.  She showed the semblance of herself before she had lost her sense of self.  Currently, she just sat on a chair with a blank expression on her face.  She looked like a doll staring into empty space.  Atein might lose.  He might die, yet she didn't look worried at all.  She looked empty.

A darkness started to appear in front of her.


It was as if her previous self had been a lie.  Vivid emotion started to appear on her face. She looked as if she wanted to cry as she ran towards the darkness.

A man appeared from within the darkness, and he embraced her.  He was a Dragon Demon with long black hair and thick black horns.  It was Atein.

“I’m sorry.”

Atein whispered in her ear.  It was enough.  He didn't need to explain any further.  Aincera understood everything.

Aincera remained in his embrace as she nodded her head.

“No, my king”

“I asked you to wait for a very long time, yet I was unable to do anything for you.  Do you not resent me?”

“I gave up on such emotions when you became mine.  If I can be with you , it is enough.  My time with you may only be a brief instant of your life, but I am satisfied by the fact that you looked towards me…..”

Atein looked like he had been suckerpunched by her words.  Aincera smiled as she looked up at him.  Finally, she opened her mouth.

“I don't want to be alone.  Please take me with you.”

“That isn’t necessary.  I will no longer be here, but you still have ...”

Aincera quietly raised her hand, and she placed it over his mouth.  She looked straight into his eyes as she spoke.

“I am merely an empty doll in a world without you.”


“If you are gone, I have no reason to live.”

“…I am sorry.”

“Those aren’t the words I want to hear.”

Aincera shook her head as she looked intently into Atein’s eyes.

Soon, he let out an abashed laughter as he nodded his head.

“Thank you.”

Atein gently hugged her closer.  

Then the turbulent darkness swallowed the two of them.



Reshoo let out a bitter laughter as he mumbled to himself.

“In the end, it turned out like this.”

Atein had delivered a message through the Great Darkness.

-I’ll leave everything in your hands, Reshoo. I’m sorry for requesting this task of you.  It will basically amount to a penance.  I wish you the best in creating a new world.

Atein had always prepared for the possibility of his own defeat. That is why he had set up a site called the Plain of Darkness during the Dragon Demon war.  It was a place of refuge that would assure the survival of his defeated troops.  He had also prepared a plan for those that had followed him.

At the end, Atein had asked Reshoo to take command of his plan.  Reshoo already went down a path of no return, so he accepted Atein’s request.


As the corridor fell, he could hear Leticia’s scream.

Half of Reshoo’s field of view was obstructed, but he met eyes with Leticia.

“Do you really think I’ll let you run away?”

She growled as if she was ready to hunt him down.  However, she had spent all her power, so she was swaying on her feet.  Kairen had also used up all his power.  The only one that looked fine was Kayalia since she didn’t possess a real body.

‘I’m glad I don’t have to kill you.’

Reshoo meant it.

Since he had to fulfill Atein’s request, he didn’t show any killing intent towards them.  His goal had always been to keep them occupied until Azell and Atein could resolve their fight.  

If Atein had won, he would have had to kill Leticia and Kairen with his own hands.  Atein’s defeat was a bitter pill to swallow, but it brought him some comfort that he didn’t need to kill the two of them.

“I’m sure you won’t see me for the rest of your lifetime…...”

Reshoo said his goodbye.

“Please live happily, Leticia.  You deserve it.”



When Reshoo turned around, the ceiling collapsed.  Leticia looked despondent when she saw this.  Soon, she lost strength in her legs.  She collapsed to the floor.

“Shit!  That soft bastard!”

Kairen was behind her.  He sighed as he watched her rage.

“He was just messing around with us.”

The feeling of defeat filled his heart.  If Reshoo wanted to kill them in the first place, the fight wouldn’t have lasted long.  He was well aware of this fact now.

On the other hand, he also felt a sense of relief.

It wasn’t because his life had been spared.  Kairen was sitting on the floor as he looked at the back of Leticia’s head.  He scratched his head.

‘It is infuriating, but he was like a parent to her.  Maybe, it may have been for the best that she wasn’t able to kill him.’

If they were able to kill Reshoo, it would have been their victory.  However, it would have also been a tragedy.  Kairen had such thoughts as he looked towards where Reshoo had made his exit.

‘Since it turned out like this, you should go somewhere far.  Never show yourself again.  That would be for the best for both of you and Leticia.’

Kayalia was behind Kairen, and she looked perplexed as she mumbled to herself.

-Pioneer plan……?


Azell and Laura was flying above the ruined city.  Laura was perplexed as she mumbled to herself. 

“No matter how hard I try…….”

This city had been her home for a very long time.  If she closed her eyes, she could vividly remember every inch of the city.

“…I cannot believe it.”

However, the only thing she could see was the totally demolished city.  It had been a majestic city only a couple hours ago.

She felt complicated emotions when she saw this sight.  It didn’t matter if she liked or hated this place.  It was her birthplace.  Most of her past memories occurred in this place.  She felt sadness wash over her when she realized she’ll never get to see the home she remembered in her memories.

At the same time, she felt the oppressive weight of fate no longer press down on her.  She felt a sense of freedom.  So why did she feel desolate instead of being happy?

Azell, who was flying next to her, suddenly spoke.

“There will probably never be a fight like this.”


“…I hope so.”

Laura looked at Azell, who was sighing.  She let out a ghost of a laughter.

‘It’ll be fine.’

She didn’t know how she’ll live from now on.  It was a thought that terrified and frustrated her.  However, it’ll be ok.  She had someone next to her that’ll guide her in life.

She held up the Vitan’s Chalice as she looked up at the sky.

“I hope so.”

It was as if a large tear drop was floating in the sky.  It visibly distorted the sky.

It was the Heaven’s Tear.  Since Azell couldn’t summon his Sky Splitter for a while, they had to use the next attack with the highest amount of destructive capability.  They had to use the Heaven’s Tear to destroy the ritual.

FIrst, she evacuated all allies from the Dragon Demon palace.  Azell chose the target, and she opened the Road of Tears to the location.  Then…….


She let out a small whisper, and she released the massive amount of sunlight gathered in the sky.  The enormous pillar of light passed through the Path of Tears, and it hit the underground facility of the Dragon Demon castle.  An enormous explosion detonated, and light erupted towards the surface.


The Dragon Demon castle couldn’t withstand the damage, and it cratered into the ground.  A massive cloud of dust rose into the air.  Laura and Azell sensed the terrifying amount of magical energy, which had been underground, cease to exist.  

Azell watched it until the end.  His face relaxed as he mumbled to himself.

“It’s over.”

There were a lot of emotions within that short phrase.

As a sense of relief washed over him, he recalled the faces of many people.  He remembered his comrade from long ago.  He recalled the faces of the people he met in this era….

He could finally stick his chest out as he spoke these words.

The long fight was finally at an end.

We’ve won.

“It really is over.”

Azell let out a bright smile as he reveled in this truth.

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