Book 5, Chapter 98: Flowing Gold Blade

Chapter 98: Flowing Gold Blade


The ice sizzled and turned into steam upon coming into contact with the flames, forming a large white cloud that hung over Dragon Mountain City.

Two figures were sent flying through this cloud with tragic howls.

The Chaotic Wind Brothers.

Even though they had been competing in terms of Arcana Techniques, the result was reflected on their physical body. The powerful waves of Origin Energy unleashed in the Arcana Technique had washed back over them, immediately destroying their barriers and gravely wounding both of them.

“How is this possible?” Flaming Femme was stunned as she watched the situation unfold.

Their opponent’s flaming sword was powerful, but it shouldn’t have been that powerful.

S Chen had completely steamrolled them, indicating that their Arcana Technique was at least two rings inferior.

In other words, only an Eighth-Ring Arcana Master should have been able to do this, and given how strong the Chaotic Wind Brothers were, the technique also needed to be a stronger Eighth-Ring Arcana Technique to accomplish this.

However, Flaming Femme could sense that their opponent wasn’t using any Arcana Technique stronger...

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