Book 5, Chapter 40: An Unspeakable Secret (1)

Chapter 40: An Unspeakable Secret (1)

“Your name,” Su Chen demanded from the female Harpy.

“Flowing Flame Oriole,” the female Harpy replied obediently, her eyes filled with fear.

It was impossible for her not to be afraid. She was filled with hatred for Su Chen in the beginning, but after all of the experiments that had taken place, all of the Harpy female’s anger, hatred, and arrogance had turned into fear.

Even the most severe punishment probably wouldn’t have caused her to feel such fear, but Su Chen’s repeated experimentation had managed to do so.

It wasn’t because of the suffering itself, but because of Su Chen’s attitude towards life.

In the eyes of a researcher, all of this served as motivation for progress, but in the eyes of Flowing Flame Oriole, this dissection of life down to the bone was even more frightening than the cruelest torture. In Su Chen’s hands, life lost its meaning. The Harpies were like useless sacks of meat that were labeled and divided by functionality.

Life was no longer life. It had become just another component of functionality.

Most shockingly, this kind of research had actually managed to produce results.

Flowing Flame Oriole had personally witnessed Su Chen extract those Arcana...

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