Book 5, Chapter 39: Duplication (2)

Chapter 39: Duplication (2)

Icebound Technique was such a control-type Arcana Technique.

As a Third-Ring Arcana Technique, its control strength was not that great. However, this Arcana Technique had two great benefits: the first was that it could decrease a strong opponent’s speed even if it couldn’t freeze them entirely, giving the user an opportunity to retaliate; the second was that the effects were stackable. If one use was not achieving the desired results, then applying more on top would increase its effectiveness. Of course, the more Icebound Techniques that were layered on each other, the worse the effect would be. Even so, when enough people used this technique in tandem, they would still be able to seal a powerful opponent.

Throughout Harpy history, occurrences like this had happened more than once. When faced with a powerful opponent, multiple Harpies had activated this Icebound Technique against a single target, sealing them and making it impossible for them to move. Then, a hail of arrows so thick that it blotted out the sky would slam into the now-frozen target, causing them to shatter.

The twelve Sword Servants would be incredibly useful regardless of whether they were fighting alongside each other or supporting others.

It was for this reason that Su Chen had chosen a Third-Ring...

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