Book 5, Chapter 38: Duplication (1)

Chapter 38: Duplication (1)

Possessing a Fourth-Ring Arcana Technique was simple too inconceivable and hard to believe.

Even so, research was designed to create such miracles.

Unlike before, however, Iron Cliff’s Fourth-Ring Arcana Technique was obtained by cheating the system, so he would not be able to grasp other similar-tier Arcana Techniques any easier. In that sense, Iron Cliff’s status as a Fourth-Ring Arcana Master was in name only. Since Ancient Arcana Techniques relied on knowledge as the foundation, then as you constructed these Fourth-Ring Origin Energy Patterns, the difficulty in constructing other similar-tier patterns would greatly decrease.

But what did that matter?

Hadn’t he gotten them for free?

Most importantly, with these Fourth-Ring Arcana Technique Patterns, Iron Cliff would be able to study Ancient Arcana Techniques much more efficiently in the future.

Yes, he might not be able to study other Fourth-Ring Patterns, but studying patterns below that tier would become much easier.

This was similar to Su Chen’s use of the Origin Bone Scepter. First, he would obtain a high-level answer; once that was accomplished, he would then try to reverse-engineer the outcome. Once the foundation was set, learning similar-ring...

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