Book 5, Chapter 37: Research (2)

Chapter 37: Research (2)

The two Harpy corpses were neatly placed on his long research workbench.

The Harpies had quite similar physical appearances to humans, apart from the fact that they were slightly smaller in stature and possessed large wings sprouting from their backs. Their internal makeup, however, was very different.

Su Chen discovered a small air sac inside the first Harpy’s body when he cut him open in addition to the normal internal organs. This air sac belonged uniquely to the Harpies. Originally, it was used to store air to help them fly, but later on it was converted into an Origin Energy storage pouch.

The bone structure of the Harpies was also different. The space around their arms was hollow to better direct airflow, which was necessary for the Harpies to be able to fly from birth. Later on, however, it was adapted to better serve their use of Origin Energy.

Because of this, Harpies were the best of the Intelligent Races at using Origin Energy. They were actually not inferior to the Arcanists, but they lacked the same kind of powerful eyesight and the ability to apply their knowledge effectively.

Their greatest weakness was their physical bodies.

Their unique bone structure made them very ineffective at bearing loads, causing their vitality to be greatly reduced as well. No matter...

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