Book 5, Chapter 36: Research (1)

Chapter 36: Research (1)

Su Chen found it inconceivable that breaking into the Spirit Burning Realm was actually so simple.

However, upon further reflection he realized that his foundation was far more solid than an average person’s. His ample preparations had finally paid off, so this outcome was actually not too surprising.

Who could even reach a thousand units of consciousness power anyways?

And without the Immaculate Cultivation Technique, who was able to possess Origin Energy sevenfold denser than the Origin Energy of an average cultivator?

Because of these foundations, Su Chen’s path towards the Spirit Burning Realm was also much less eventful than it would have been for anyone else.

“So as long as I distribute the True Heart Scripture and the Immaculate Cultivation Technique, a majority of the issues related to breaking into the Spirit Burning Realm without a bloodline will have been resolved?” Su Chen muttered to himself as he smiled with delight.

That was indeed good news.

However, this matter obviously was not finished just yet.

After all, the latter two steps had yet to be resolved.

The first two steps were merely the foundation,...

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