Book 5, Chapter 35: Wide Open Vista

Chapter 35: Wide Open Vista

Su Chen totally ignored the massive hand pressing down on him and focused all of his attention on controlling the flaming phoenix and maintaining its furious offensive.

The Harpy female knew the situation wasn’t good. A subtle light flickered across her eyes as she suddenly froze in place, standing motionless.

An instant later, the flaming phoenix’s blustering flames consumed the Harpy female’s figure, burning it to ashes.

Su Chen, however, didn’t care. He chuckled, “So that was indeed the real one.”

With his microscopic eye, he was able to see the situation extremely clearly.

Even though the female he was chasing after had come out of the mirror, it was the real body. The Harpy female Zhu Xianyao had caught was actually a fake. However, she had been backed into a corner by the Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art and had been forced to activate her substitution technique, returning to her original body. As such, the Harpy female that had burned to a crisp was the fake that Zhu Xianyao had seized. Of course, this meant that the Harpy female was once again under Zhu Xianyao’s control.

The massive hand arrived at this point in time. Just as it was about to crush Su Chen like he was a fly, a large finger appeared on the other side, stabbing at the descending palm...

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