Book 5, Chapter 33: Answer

Chapter 33: Answer

In terms of one-on-one strength, the Rong Clan, who were more proficient in combat, were stronger than the Zhu Clan.

Luckily, the Zhu Clan never relied on their combat prowess to win fights.

They relied on numbers!

Their powerful ability to control slaves was an unimaginable trump card. The four Spirit Burning Realm puppets alone made up for the discrepancy in numbers, not to mention that they were roughly equivalent in strength to three of their opponents.

Even the four Light Shaking Realm cultivators weren’t just cannon fodder. Each one of them had a specific use.

One of these was Rong Xiangqian. He could not only be used to infuriate the Rong Clan but also as a shield. Given his status, Zhu Yunyan could use him to block any powerful attacks coming from her opponents. Rong Xiangsheng and the others didn’t want to spill their brother’s blood, so they could only stop their attacks mid-motion, cursing vehemently all the while.

The other three Light Shaking Realm cultivators also served unique purposes. One possessed the Refraction Beast Bloodline, which was a Demonic Beast that could emit an intense, brilliant light that burned away most shadows. This made it a perfect counter to most of the Rong Clan’s darkness-type Origin SKills. One possessed an Azure Waterbeetle Bloodline, which gave it regenerative abilities and allowed it to survive even if it was badly...

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