Book 5, Chapter 32: Trap

Chapter 32: Trap

Qin Wu stood quietly in the yard, completely motionless.

As a puppet under the Zhu Clan’s control, he did not need to move unless his master gave him a clan.

In some sense, a person who had lost control over their own body was not really a person anymore.

However, in this moment, he suddenly sprang into action.

He walked towards Zhu Xianling’s room, picked up a few items, then left.

Because he was a puppet controlled by Zhu Xianling, no one paid him any attention, believing his movements to be of Zhu Xianling’s command. After all, there was a consciousness connection between the master and the servant, so as long as the distance between them wasn’t too far, the person in control could make direct orders for the person being controlled to carry out. This was exactly what it looked like to any bystanders.

Qin Wu walked out of the Zhu Clan just like that.

No one tried to stop him.

A brief moment later, Zhu Yunyan and the others arrived in Zhu Xianling’s yard. When they saw that it was totally empty, Zhu Xianling’s expression turned a bit ugly. “Without my command, he will not move on his own.”

Su Chen glanced at the open side door. “I’m afraid that the situation isn’t as simple as just him leaving without...

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