Book 5, Chapter 31: Framed

Chapter 31: Framed

Zhu Xianling was already kneeling on the ground and being interrogated by the Zhu Clan by the time Su Chen arrived.

It was impossible for her not to kneel. The crime of selling out a clan was incredibly serious.

However, to Su Chen, the scene before his very eyes was what was noteworthy - it was identical to the scene he had seen on the altar.

So the cost was low because the outcome had not been changed?

Su Chen had considered stopping Zhu Xianyao when she was heading for the main hall, because he still had some suspicions in his heart.

However, a question about the cost of the sacrifice surfaced in his heart at that moment.

He had made a prediction within the rules, so he didn’t attempt to stop Zhu Xianyao, causing the situation to unfold exactly as the Origin Bone Scepter had predicted.

The prediction was unchanged and became reality, which was the reason why the cost was so low.

What if he had tried to stop her?

If he had stopped Zhu Xianyao, the prediction would have changed.

But the prediction had already been made at that point, and the resources had been taken, so the cost would have been low either way. If he had forcibly tried to change the outcome, then it would be at odds...

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