Book 5, Chapter 30: Bait

Chapter 30: Bait

Both eliminating people from a pool of suspects and picking out a few suspicious individuals from a large group eliminated variables, but the different methods brought about different results.

Without question, the latter was far more effective.

As a result, Su Chen intended to first find a few suspicious targets and use them as the foundation for his further predictions, decreasing the cost required by the Origin Bone Scepter.

However, he couldn’t just blindly search for suspicious individuals. There needed to be an appropriate foundation; otherwise, he was basically trying to win the lottery.

This required everyone to think of possible methods.

Zhu Xianyao pondered for some time but couldn’t come up with anything. In the end, she pursed her lips and grabbed Su Chen’s arm as she said, “You come up with sneaky ideas all the time. Tell me what you think we should do.”

Su Chen laughed. “I only just got here, so I’m not familiar with the people here.”

“I don’t care. You still need to help me think of a way.”

Women were unbeatable when they threw tantrums.

Su Chen was completely helpless and could only nod. “I do have an idea. It’s a bit silly, but it should be quite effective……”

Within the Rong Clan.

Rong Xiangsheng...

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