Chapter 28: Affectionate Thoughts

Chapter 28: Affectionate Thoughts

After leaving the main hall, Su Chen walked with Zhu Xianyao, with Iron Cliff following closely behind.

Zhu Xianyao leaned on Su Chen’s shoulder, her heart full of sweetness.

Unlike Zhu Yunyan, Zhu Xianyao had no complaints about Su Chen’s needs. To her, getting married with Su Chen was the most important thing.

Zhu Yunyan needed to consider the face of her clan, while all Zhu Xianyao wanted was love.

While the nobles were bitterly fighting to maintain the front, the commoners had parted ways for the sake of adequate food and housing. Zhu Xianyao’s situation was somewhat analogous to this.

Ever since she had confirmed her own feelings in Mountain Overlook City, Zhu Xianyao realized this, so she was staunchly determined to be Su Chen’s wife. Before she accomplished this goal, she had no interest in considering other problems.

“I came this time both to see how you are and to see if I can take you back to the Boundless Sect with me,” Su Chen said as he began to explain how he had established his own sect.

In this world, sects were not that rare, but they had very little influence and weren’t all that important. The Boundless Sect alone was not much, but the territory of the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain...

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