Chapter 27: Pursued

Chapter 27: Pursued

The clear voice was resonant and piercing, so everyone present heard it.

When they turned around, they found Zhu Xianyao striding boldly towards them. She wore a long, fiery-red dress, so that she looked like a red lotus that was blooming when she walked. In her hand was a small whip, and two people walked beside her. One of them was a Light Shaking Realm Sand Elemental that had been subjugated while they were at Mountain Overlook City. The other person was also at the Light Shaking Realm, but Su Chen didn’t recognize them. Obviously, however, that person was also under Zhu Xianyao’s control.

In other words, Zhu Xianyao had lived a pretty good life these past few years. Controlling a target forever came at the cost of three years of cultivation, but now Zhu Xianyao had two under her command and her cultivation base had increased. There was only one explanation - the Zhu Clan had given her many resources to make up for the amount that she expended.

That wasn’t very strange. Zhu Xianyao was a person who could increase the might of her entire clan, so it would have been stranger if she wasn’t receiving such care.

Even though Zhu Xianyao hadn’t reached the Light Shaking Realm yet, she controlled two...

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