Chapter 26: Darkness Binding Realm

Chapter 26: Darkness Realm

As soon as this person appeared, he unleashed a boundless, all-powerful aura. Obviously, he was an expert in no way weaker than Rong Zixing.

When Su Chen saw him arrive, he said, “You guys cross first!”

Everyone simultaneously charged over the line.

The line was like a watershed separating the two parties.

At the same time, the Origin Energy within Su Chen’s body began to brim with Origin Energy as he launched his fist at his opponent.

Because he didn’t know the details of his opponent, Su Chen didn’t dare hold back. This punch contained all of Su Chen’s strength, and it collided with the palm strike. The ensuing collision produced a clanging noise, like that of a massive bell.

Su Chen felt like he was punching water. Even though the might contained in the punch was enough to send massive waves everywhere, he was still unable to destroy his opponent. Instead, it felt as if his attack was being absorbed and nullified by his opponent.

At this point, Su Chen had been baptized by the Origin Energy Temple, so his physique was up to par with a typical Ravager’s. A single punch of his was strong enough to rock the foundation of a mountain, but his opponent was still able to easily nullify the momentum behind the attack. Clearly, this opponent of his was...

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