Chapter 25: Intimidation

Chapter 25: Intimidation

Mister Twelve was not a small figure amongst the Rong Clan.

He was a Light Shaking Realm cultivator from a Demonic Emperor Bloodline Clan, commanding respect everywhere he went, but now a youth without a bloodline was forcing him to this extent. Even though he had the advantage, he was never able to quite defeat his opponent. Every leap Cloud Leopard made was like a slap resounding across his face.

Rong Zixing was growing angry.

He had managed to control the poison in his right arm and was slowly forcing it out, and the Origin Energy in his body was bubbling violently as he activated his Darkness Snake Bloodline to its greatest extent.

The Rong Clan’s Mister Twelve was about to attack with his full strength.

At that moment, a voice spoke. “The fight has gone on long enough. It’s time to stop.”

The surroundings suddenly seemed to congeal.

Unlike Rong Zixing, who used the vast amount of Origin Energy contained in his body to control the surroundings, this change had a real tangible substance to it.

Rong Zixing could sense that the pressure he was creating was beginning to disintegrate, and a new wave of pressure was beginning to envelop him.

Who was it? Who was able to defeat him in an open contest of strength?

Rong Zixing was stunned.


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