Chapter 24: Passing Through (3)

Chapter 24: Passing Through (3)

At the start, Rong Zixing was still a bit angry. After all, being challenged by a Yang Opening Realm cultivator was simply too embarrassing.

However, once they began to exchange blows, Rong Zixing’s attitude totally changed.

If Iron Cliff was like a mountain, like a giant, like a metal statue, then Cloud Leopard was like a fish, a chicken, a monkey.

A monkey that had been slathered in oil.

Difficult to catch and hard to grab.

When he unleashed a finger jab at Cloud Leopard, Cloud Leopard didn’t move much. He just simply twisted to the side and shot past Rong Zixing’s Twin Dragon Finger, closing in on Rong Zixing at an incredible speed. In his hand he held a dagger.

Rong Zixing recognized this blade.

Grade Four assassination Origin Tool, Hidden Needle. It possessed the ability to pierce through all kinds of barriers and shields.

The Rong Clan was a clan of assassins, so they were very proficient in using weapons like that.

Now, however, his opponent was using this kind of a dagger to fight him. Not only so, but the dagger glowed with a dark green color, obviously indicating that the dagger had been covered in extremely corrosive poison.

This kid’s heart was like his hands - they were both black.

Even Rong Zixing didn’t dare face this dagger strike head-on.

If he were to even be grazed by the dagger, who knew what kind...

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