Chapter 23: Passing Through (2)

Chapter 23: Passing Through (2)

Under normal circumstances, it was possible for a Yang Opening Realm Stoneskin to defeat a single Yang Opening Realm human cultivator, but that was it.

Their strength was their powerful physique, while their weakness was their deficiency in sense and use Origin Energy.

Four Yang Opening Realm cultivators greatly exceeded the limits a normal Yang Opening Realm Stoneskin could challenge. In addition, one of them could assume beast form, making him exceptionally powerful. There was almost no chance of victory.

However, Iron Cliff was obviously different.

These past few years, Iron Cliff had followed Su Chen faithfully. He was the person who understood Su Chen the most, and the person whom Su Chen had given the most pointers to.

Su Chen had basically taught everything teachable to Iron Cliff, regardless of whether it was the Immaculate Cultivation Technique or the Primordial Blood cultivation path. What others had, Iron Cliff had as well, and what others did not have, Iron Cliff still had.

This battle was a test for Iron Cliff.

A fist, a finger jab, a blade, and a spear simultaneously attacked Iron Cliff, surrounding him with a violent killing intent.

When faced with these attacks, Iron Cliff’s response was to howl loudly.


With a loud howl, Iron Cliff’s body began...

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