Chapter 20: Conditions (2)

Chapter 20: Conditions (2)

Upon hearing Su Chen’s proposed conditions, Chu Jiangyu felt like his heart was being viciously squeezed by someone.

That was the entirety of his wealth! More importantly, the 161 Lifesource Candles the Gu Clan had just handed over were also stored inside it.

Just these riches alone would probably take him more than a few hundred years to reaccumulate. How could he possibly just hand it over like that?

Chu Jiangyu stared viciously at Su Chen. “Don’t even think about it!”

Su Chen smirked as he responded, “His Majesty just mentioned billions of Origin Stones and peerless treasures, but you have already started to deny this small pittance. Don’t you think that you’re going back on your word too quickly?”

Chu Yuan chuckled. “The problem is that Sir Su isn’t planning on staying here.”

Su Chen calmly shot back, “So is His Majesty not planning on paying the price to keep me quiet?”

Chu Yuan calmly replied, “I want to see just how much Sir Su loves his wife.”

Gu Qingluo and the notice in the Dreamrealm had become the two bargaining chips that Su Chen and Chu Yuan could use against each other.

Under these circumstances, Chu Yuan wouldn’t need to pay any hush money, and he also needn’t worry that Su Chen would go back on his word.

Unless Su Chen’s statement that Gu Qingluo was...

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