Chapter 19: Conditions (1)

Chapter 19: Conditions (1)

Chu Yuan coldly stared at Su Chen as he said, “No wonder you are able to deconstruct Empty Mountain’s three curses - it’s because you are the Sage Cloud Bat. However, even if you are the Worldly Sage, you cannot steal Empty Mountain’s secret techniques as you please.”

“Hey, I did it with my ability, okay? How can you call that stealing?” Su Chen wasn’t happy about that.

“Regardless of whether you stole it or unlocked it, the three curses can only be used by the Chu Clan!” Chu Jiangyu said.

Su Chen shrugged. “What if I insist on having them?”

Chu Jiangyu stepped forwards. “Then die!”

Chu Yuan stopped his son.

The three Gu Clan emperors were still present. With them there, the situation was not in their favor.

Chu Yuan didn’t know the limitations of Su Chen’s Capricorn Chant, so he just assumed that Su Chen had managed to bypass the necessity of using the Capricorn Staff.

As such, he said, “Please, you three, leave this place so that he cannot use you.”

Gu Xinrong glared intently at Su Chen, then left along with Gu Feihong. In the blink of an eye, they had flown three or four kilometers away, but each of them had left behind consciousness imprints so that they could continue to observe how the situation developed.

Unexpectedly, Su Chen didn’t try to stop the...

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