Chapter 18: Great Nobility

Chapter 18: Great NobilitySage


Gu Feihong rolled on the ground and saw Gu Xinrong as soon as he lifted up his head.

“Fourth Grandmother!” Gu Feihong began to yell. “Fourth Grandmother, save me!”

He had been so scared by Su Chen that his soul had almost left his body, and he instinctively leapt at his clan’s Ancestor.

However, before he could get close, a massive wave of energy surrounded him, preventing him from getting any closer.

Gu Xinrong, who normally gazed at Gu Feihong with affection and kindness, looked like a primal beast that had just wandered out of the wilderness. She stared at him coldly as she asked, “Were you the one who commissioned the Chu Clan? Commissioned them to activate the Swan-Catching Mirror?”

Gu Feihong hadn’t reacted yet. “Fourth Grandmother, that’s not important. I just ran into......”

“ANSWER ME!” Gu Xinrong yelled, her voice booming like thunder in Gu Feihong’s ears.

Gu Feihong was so badly frightened that he fell backwards onto his butt, but he very quickly floated back into the air.

With but a single glance, Gu Xinrong had stripped Gu Feihong of the ability to control his own body.

“Fourth Grandmother, listen to me......” Gu Feihong yelled loudly.

“Answer me!”

The beast-like howl reverberated through Gu Feihong’s heart, utterly stunning him.

Gu Feihong stared at his Ancestor in fear. “It was…… I…… who gave the commission……...

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