Chapter 17: Anger

Chapter 17: Anger

“He ran?” Upon watching Gu Feihong fly away while yelling out his name, Su Chen was taken aback and couldn’t help but mutter these two words to himself. This interrupted his chanting of the Capricorn Curse.

Thankfully, he quickly resumed. This was one of the drawbacks of the Capricorn Chant: the user couldn’t speak while using the chant.

“He probably used some secret technique that Gu Mingwei gave him to protect himself,” Gu Qingluo said.

“What a pity,” Su Chen couldn’t help but mutter.

The Capricorn Curse was broken again, and Gu Liu’an returned to normal, but a moment later he was under Su Chen’s control again.

Cloud Leopard couldn’t watch any longer. “Don’t have them kill each other any more. These guys have been trying to resist your control the whole time. Let us take a turn.”

Su Chen couldn’t say anything. He could only nod - he had originally wanted to feel out the power of the Capricorn Curse for just a bit longer, but unfortunately Gu Feihong ran before he could do much.

Since Gu Feihong had ran, then new problems would very quickly arise.

It wasn’t right for them to stay here for much longer.

When Su Chen nodded, Cloud Leopard charged forward to attack.

He was still at the Yang Opening Realm and hadn’t broken into the Light Shaking Realm, but the first target he attempted to attack...

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