Chapter 16: Control

Chapter 16: Control

Upon leaving the city, Gu Feihong pulled out his jade transmission pendant. “Your Highness, I am outside the city. Where is Su Chen?”

Chu Jiangyu replied, “They’re still there. They haven’t moved at all.”

Haven’t moved?

Gu Feihong was stunned.

Since Gu Qingluo had discovered that she was under the Swan-Catching Demon Seal’s surveillance, why hadn’t she tried to escape?

However, it was better if they didn’t try to escape. That way, he wouldn’t have to chase them forever in a long, drawn-out chase.

He turned around and said, “After them!”

A large group of subordinates flew forward with Gu Feihong.

Very soon, they arrived at the mountain that Su Chen was supposedly at.

“Are they still there, Your Highness?” Gu Feihong asked.

“Yes,” Chu Jiangyu replied as he continued to examine the other members of the Gu Clan. After pointing out the location to Gu Feihong, Chu Jiangyu had no interest in continuing to observe Gu Qingluo’s movements. Instead, he placed his focus on observing the other members of the Gu Clan.

Since the dot representing Gu Qingluo was still there, then that meant that he hadn’t escaped yet.

“It seems like they aren’t afraid of you,” Chu Jiangyu added on after a moment of thought.

“They will regret this!” Gu Feihong...

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