Chapter 15: Peeping

Chapter 15: Peeping

Within the Empty Mountain Imperial Palace.

At the Swan-Catching Hall.

This hall was very large and empty. Only a single item was placed in the center of the hall.

This item was a seventy-foot-tall mirror.

Within the mirror, the scene of a mountain and a stream was reflected. The scenery was really quite beautiful.

This was the Swan-Catching Mirror.

The Swan-Catching Mirror was not merely useful for peeking in; it was an important investigative tool, and when combined with the Swan-Catching Demon Seal, it could display the surroundings of any individual who had been imprinted by that seal.

The red dots of light began to appear in the Swan-Catching Mirror, the intensity at which they glowed indicative of how powerful the Gu Clan member was.

It was possible to see the surroundings of every one of those red dots.

Chu Jiangyu chuckled as he stood in front of the Swan-Catching Mirror. "Only by activating the seal can we determine whether or not the person is the person you are looking for. If there are any problems that result because of this, I must ask Brother Gu to forgive me."

As he spoke, he tapped one of the dots on the mirror.

An image appeared on the surface of the Swan-Catching Mirror of a man currently entertained with a woman in his room.

As this image appeared, the male raised his head, staring at the sky in surprise. "This feeling of being watched...... could it be?"

"Aiyaya, I made a mistake," Chu Jiangyu chuckled. He waved his arm, and...

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