Chapter 14: Curse

Chapter 14: Curse


The ornate, porcelain cup slammed against the lapis ground, shattering into a fine powder.

“A bunch of worthless trash! You actually let them get away?” Gu Feihong said as he stared at his subordinates with an ashen expression.

One of the subordinates replied, “Young Master, the situation was too strange. That Su Chen seemed to use some secret technique - we had caught up to them, but then they jumped into the water and disappeared without a trace. It seems like they possessed some kind of water concealment technique.”

“I don’t know whether Su Chen has a water concealment technique, but would I not know if Gu Qingluo did? When did she learn this water concealment technique? I’d be more likely to believe that you didn’t do your due diligence and are just coming up with excuses to cover your ass!” Gu Feihong said as he unleashed a punch, immediately sending that man flying. It was obvious that he was no longer alive.

It wasn’t that Gu Feihong was being too self-confident or opinionated. It was that the technique Su Chen had managed to develop was a kind that had never really been seen before across the entire Primordial Continent.

It wasn’t that cloning and body-splitting techniques didn’t exist. A few unique bloodlines allowed a person to achieve this result, but most of them could...

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