Chapter 13: Burning

Chapter 13: Burning

"Greetings, Sect Master's Wife!"

In a forest outside of New Rain City, Iron Cliff, the Death's Shadow of a Youth, and the twelve Sword Servants simultaneously bowed in greeting.

"Sect Master's Wife?" Gu Qingluo stared at Su Chen in shock.

"What? You didn't know?" Cloud Leopard chuckled.

"We were in a hurry on the way over, so there were lots of things I didn't manage to say," Su Chen replied.

Gu Qingluo stared intently at Su Chen. "It seems that you have been up to a lot recently."

"Yes, I have been," Su Chen replied calmly.

Two hours later.

Su Chen and Gu Qingluo sat around a campfire, deep in conversation with one another.

Gu Qingluo held a roasted lamb leg in her hand that she ate as she listened to Su Chen explain his exploits in the Iron and Blood Country. Sometimes, she trembled in fear and agitation and would lean into Su Chen’s bosom with great emotion. Other times, she was extremely excited and energetic, demonstrating her girlish side once again.

Perhaps this was a characteristic common to every woman. When their man was beside them, they were willing to allow their intelligence to decrease, enjoying the care...

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