Chapter 10: Obstruction

Chapter 10: Obstruction

Two months later, the ones who could come visit him had come. Yue Longsha had also came.

Since Su Chen didn’t believe that there would be any visitors in the near future, he could finally go on a trip to Empty Mountain.

This time, Su Chen did not go alone. Apart from Iron Cliff, he also brought the Death’s Shadow, Cloud Leopard, and twelve Sword Servants. After all, he was now the Sect Master of the Boundless Sect, and he would seem poor if he didn’t even have any subordinates with him.

After leaving the Boundless Sect, Su Chen and the others headed straight for New Rain City.

New Rain City was the capital of Empty Mountain. It had been built by the Chu Clan’s Chu Yuankong, whose bloodline was that of the Desolate Beast, White Fang. The current Chu Clan’s ruler was Chu Yuan, the fifth-generation ruler of the Chu Clan.

As the targets of intense scrutiny, the Gu Clan had been sent to New Rain City.

Not only so, but they were also the largest clan there apart from the Chu Clan.

After flying on the Raging Sun Shuttle for many days, Su Chen and the others finally arrived at New Rain City.

They first landed outside the city walls, then walked towards the city.

Unlike Long Coiling City’s tall, sturdy walls, New Rain City’s walls were very short. There wasn’t much in the way of security either. Even...

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