Chapter 9: Thick and Fast

Chapter 9: Thick and Fast

“So that’s why you came looking for me? You want to use my hand to deal with him?” Su Chen poured himself a cup of tea as he laughed coldly. “That’s a pretty nice way of saying that you want me to do your dirty work.”

Shi Mingfeng said, “Sun Mo was sent by An Sili to harm you. Are you not planning on trying to get revenge?”

Su Chen said lazily, “But he didn’t succeed, did he?”

Shi Mingfeng said with some agitation, “But some have begun to suspect you. If you can kill An Sili, you will be able to demonstrate your loyalty to the imperial family……”

“But I will also incur the wrath of many people within the Immortal Temple, right?” Su Chen countered. “I help you deal with an opposing faction, causing all their hatred to fall on me in the process, and you don’t even have to move a pinky. That’s quite the plan.”

Shi Mingfeng chuckled, “Isn’t this a win-win situation for us?”

Su Chen replied, “Not to me. I don’t care how the imperial family sees me.”

Su Chen really did not care.

Demonstrate his loyalty to the imperial family?

Forget about it! He had not needed the support of the imperial family to reach where he was now.

He didn’t need to rely on killing An Sili to demonstrate his loyalty, because he wasn’t loyal at all in the first place.

Shi Mingfeng, however, felt a bit stifled.

Even though he knew that Su...

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