Chapter 8: Visitor

Chapter 8: Visitor

Li Jiang was one of the seventy-three Sword Servants. Every day, he was responsible for handling Su Chen’s daily meals.

As per usual, Li Jiang awoke and began to prepare Su Chen’s breakfast, placing it on the breakfast table.

He was just about to carry it over when he found that Su Chen was already walking towards him, having left his room from the side door.

“Sect Master,” Li Jiang said respectfully.

“Mm,” Su Chen murmured in response. He sat at the table, picked up the bowl of porridge, and began to drink it down. Then, he said something strange: “So eating food will also increase how long it lasts, hm?”

Li jiang was totally caught off-guard by this sudden rhetorical question. He had no idea what Su Chen was saying and was just about to retreat when Su Chen said, “Go and call the others. I want to hear about the internal situation of the sect today.”

“Yes, sir.” Li Jiang left with his orders.

A moment later, Li Chongshan and the others arrived. They reported to him everything that had occurred since the sect was established.

Even though Su Chen spent most of his time in his room focused on his research, he would still try to catch up on the present situation of the sect, as well as mention a few needs. This was quite normal.

This time, however, for some reason, Li Jiang...

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