Chapter 7: Puppet

Chapter 7: Puppet


A massive Blaze Condor appeared behind Jiang Liu’s back and unfurled its wings, the flames on its body towering into the sky. The condor practically radiated a majestic, imposing presence.


As Jiang Liu yelled, the Blaze Condor behind him flapped its flaming wings and shot forwards. A massive rhinoceros lowered its head as it charged directly at the condor. Its powerful feet pushed through the air like they were pushing off of solid ground, generating an ominous hum. The entire mountain seemed to wobble slightly.

The Blaze Condor was far weaker than the Iron-Armored Rhinoceros. It immediately disintegrated upon contact. As the rhinoceros continued to charge in his direction, Jiang Liu calmly stretched his hands out. Another flaming condor appeared, grabbed onto his hands, and pulled him into the air.

As a Yang Opening Realm cultivator, he did not possess the ability to fly by himself. However, with the Blaze Condor carrying him around, he was able to fly as he pleased.

As he flew through the air, Jiang Liu unleashed waves of flames at his opponent, causing his opponent to cry out, “This is cheating!”

Jiang Liu laughed loudly. “My Blaze Condor is far weaker than your Iron-Armored Rhinoceros in terms of pure strength. Of course I would use my ability to fly to my advant...

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