Chapter 6: Breakthrough

Chapter 6: Breakthrough

The Darkness Demon, which had been howling just moments before, was suddenly dazed by the group of people he had suddenly appeared in the midst of.

As a creature made of pure darkness, the Darkness Demon could estimate the strength of its opponents.

The strengths of his opponents were like flames that lit up the night sky in its eyes.

Currently, the humans it was surrounded by possessed strengths that burned like towering pyres - no, like mountains made of flames.

Damn! How had it run into such a large group of powerful individuals?

He had fallen right into a trap!

The Darkness Demon immediately realized that there was a massive problem.

It turned around, wanting to leave, but it was already too late.

The ensuing battle was completely one-sided.

In but an instant, the Darkness Demon was torn to shreds, and its body was absorbed away by Su Chen as Origin Substance.

“Success!” Su Chen laughed as he tossed the Origin Substance he had gathered in his hands at Jun Moxie. “From today onwards, this Darkness Door will begin to gather Darkness Origin Substance. I have already taught you how to create Origin Conducting Tools, so the rest is all up to you.”

This was yet another method that Su Chen had obtained from the Origin Bone Scepter.

Since he had managed to establish the Boundless Sect, Su Chen needed...

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