Chapter 5: Sacrifice (2)

Chapter 5: Sacrifice (2)

“I just have some ideas,” the illusory Shi Kaihuang said. “Earlier, you relied on the power from the Origin Energy Temple to create enough external pressure to compress your Lotus Platform and achieve the Light Shaking Realm. Even though your method is not repeatable, we can use it as a reference. Most importantly, you managed to bring back the Origin Energy Temple’s secret Origin Formations. I think that this is the way for us to continue advancing.”

“But the Origin Energy Temple is too expensive to use and would be hard to accomplish unless we had the support of the entire country. In addition, some of the necessary resources have gone extinct already. It is basically impossible for us to create a second Origin Energy Temple,” the illusory Su Chen said.

Shi Kaihuang chuckled. “You misunderstand me. I’m not saying that we should construct another Origin Energy Temple. Did you forget that the Origin Energy Temple is meant to give people who don’t have the ability to control Origin Energy to control it? What we are doing is to solidify Origin Energy for people who already know how to use it. The difference in the difficulty of the two cannot be compared.

Su Chen understood Shi Kaihuang’s meaning. “Instructor means to say......”

“Why not develop...

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