Chapter 4: Sacrifice (1)

Chapter 4: Sacrifice (1)

Within the Origin Bone Hall.

This was a hall that Su Chen had ordered to be constructed for the express purpose of housing the Origin Bone Scepter.

This hall was constructed from the bones of all kinds of different Demonic Beasts. There was a certain primal aura about it, which was somewhat incompatible with the Boundless Sect’s grand atmosphere.

Even so, this was the environment that the Origin Bone Scepter liked to be in. Only in such a primal atmosphere would the Origin Bone Scepter be able to unleash its greatest effect. This was another thing Su Chen had learned from the Ravagers.

The Origin Bone Scepter was placed on a specially constructed altar. Apart from the scepter, there was nothing else in the room. However, the ancient and imposing aura emanating from the Origin Bone obviously manifested the frightening power that the Shining Dragon, an Origin Beast, possessed.

Su Chen first pulled out an Origin Stone and placed it on the altar before asking his first question.

“I want to know what we are having for lunch.”

As the most basic containers of Origin Energy, Origin Stones were more than suitable for use as a sacrifice.

The Origin Stone on the altar disappeared, but Su Chen received no reaction.

Su Chen knew that this sacrifice had failed.

What they would have for lunch...

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