Chapter 3: Development

Chapter 3: Development

Seven days later, the complex of buildings surrounding the Boundless Palace were finally finished. All that remained was to furnish the interior.

Furnishing the interior was quite a delicate responsibility. It was impossible to use Origin Skills to speed up the process, so it would take quite a bit of time.

However, that was not so important. In any case, the construction was completed, so they would have no problem in their daily living.

After completing the base of the construction, there was much more for the Boundless Sect to do.

The first was to develop a hierarchy of order.

The structure of the original Heavenly Might Battalion would obviously not be kept. After some discussion, the Boundless Sect was split into three branches: the Flowing Fire Division, the Constant Prosperity Division, and the Clear Mirror Division.

The three divisions were responsible for combat, resources, and human affairs, respectively.

The Flowing Fire Division was further split into six halls. They were responsible for combat, intelligence gathering, sect defense, and other related duties.

The Constant Prosperity Division was responsible for handling resources. It was also split into six halls, responsible primarily for agriculture, construction, livestock breeding, household affairs, markets and stores, and other related duties.

The Clear Mirror Division was responsible for human affairs and was also split into six halls, responsible...

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