Chapter 2: Construction

Chapter 2: Construction

The paper boat floated through the air as the battalion followed closely behind. They advanced rapidly, and despite the fact that the boat was not traveling slowly at all, everyone was somehow able to keep up. Little Sweet discovered to her surprise that they had arrived at the Heaven-Upholding Peak before it was even dusk.

“Arr..... Arrived......” Little Sweet stammered. “How were we that fast?”

That last question was a rhetorical one she was asking herself.

“Is this the Heaven-Upholding Peak? The scenery here is quite nice,” Su Chen said from his vantage point at the top of the peak.

The Heaven-Upholding Peak was the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain’s most majestic peak. Countless ridges and peaks could be seen rising and falling in all directions. It really felt like he was standing on the tip of a sword that had been stuck into the mountain. White, fluffy clouds circled the peaks, somewhat obscuring them from view. The sight really was quite mesmerizing.

After looking around for some time, Su Chen descended and said, “From today onwards, this will be our home.”

“Oo-rah!” everyone responded in unison. This cheer was for their new home.

“However, you all must endure for a little while longer. There isn’t anything here yet, so we must start from...

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