Chapter 1: Flat Mountain Garrison

Book 5: Sect

Chapter 1: Flat Mountain Garrison

Flat Mountain Garrison was the busiest in the springtime.

At this point in time, the Vicious Beasts became more active, making it a great time to go hunting. The nearby hunters would form groups and set out into the mountains, beginning hunting expeditions that would often last months.

Flat Mountain Garrison was a township that was made to provide hunters with what they needed. The shops sold basic living necessities and bought the Beast hides, bones, and meat that the hunters brought back from their expeditions.

If they were lucky enough, they might be able to kill a high-tier Vicious Beast, in which case they wouldn’t need to worry about surviving for the rest of the year. Of course, for safety reasons, the hunter groups that entered the mountains needed to be at least capable of killing a high-tier Vicious Beast. That was the standard that had been set.

If they were unlucky and ran into a Demonic Beast, then they could only run and pray that their luck was good.

Every year, not all of the hunters who entered the mountain would return.

They would forever remain in those hunting grounds, their bodies becoming the food that supported those Beasts. Either they hunted the Beasts,...

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