Chapter 229: The Dust Settles

Chapter 229: The Dust Settles

In the Thousand Hands Hall.

This was Long Sang Country’s main political hall.

It was named Thousand Hands Hall partly because the Dragon Centipede Beast had what seemed like a thousand legs and partly because anyone who worked in this hall needed to deal with so many matters that they needed to have a thousand hands to effectively resolve everything. This also indicated that being the ruler of a country was not necessarily an enjoyment but more of an inconvenience.

Lin Mengze was quite a diligent ruler. Apparently, he would wake up extremely early and would take care of business until the late hours of the evening.

How much of this was an exaggeration was unknown, but at the very least he was diligent in handling the affairs of his country.

Today was the date of Su Chen’s audience with the emperor.

Su Chen had been dragged to the imperial palace before the sun even rose to wait for the emperor to summon him.

This wait lasted a few hours.

It wasn’t until around noontime when the guard at the door stepped forwards and summoned Su Chen into the hall.

Upon entering the hall, Su Chen walked forwards until he came to a stop in the hall’s center. Finally, he had come face to face with Lin Mengze, the ruler of Long Sang Country.

Even though Lin Mengze was old, his appearance was that of a middle-aged man....

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