Chapter 228: Prideful Bones

Chapter 228: Prideful Bones

The Ten Thousand Swords Mountain was located near the south of Long Sang Country, where Liaoye Country and Empty Mountain intersected.

The Ten Thousand Swords Mountain was quite vast. Most of it was within the borders of Long Sang Country, but there was a small bit of it that extended into Liaoye Country and Empty Mountain. It was a natural wall separating the three countries. Because the mountain contained many peaks, each of them tall and pointy like the tips of swords, it had been named the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain.

Lin Chenyuan never could have expected that Su Chen would actually ask for the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain.

Upon hearing Su Chen’s request, Lin Chenyuan was dazed.

Was the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain valuable?

Of course it was valuable. It was quite a vast region.

Was the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain not valuable? It really wasn’t that valuable.

Even though the territory was large, the resources there were only average, and even fewer citizens lived there. Most of the lifeforms present were Demonic Beasts. If you were to round up all these Demonic Beasts, they would be somewhat valuable, but the amount of energy that would be necessary to do so was absolutely not worth it from a business standpoint!

However, Su Chen had somehow set his sights on this piece of land.

What did he want this piece of...

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