Chapter 227: Reward

Chapter 227: Reward

The sky above Long Coiling City was always clear and sunny.

Countless powerful individuals were gathered here. If they wanted the sky to be clear, the sky did not dare be cloudy at all.

If there was rain, that was because these powerful individuals wanted the rain to come and beckoned it.

The most powerful individual in Long Sang Country was Lin Mengze.

Long Sang Country’s emperor.

Unlike that trash Anubi, Lin Mengze not only had the highest status, but he was also one of the most powerful individuals in all of Long Sang Country.

He possessed the bloodline of the Dragon Centipede, a Desolate Beast, and his cultivation base was at the Ultimate Emperor Realm.

He relied on the strength of a primal emperor to become Emperor of Long Sang Country.

This was the path every human had taken up until this point. In that sense, humans were actually even more violent than the Ravagers.

Lin Mengze, who was nearly eight hundred years old, had a total of three sons and two daughters.

Perhaps this was the fate of everyone who possessed a powerful bloodline, as well as the outcome considered natural by most people. The more powerful a bloodline was, the longer a person could live. If they could live long enough, a single person could even live to see the start of an entire clan.

The equilibrium of nature made powerful bloodlines difficult to pass on due...

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