Chapter 226: Entering the Capital

Chapter 226: Entering the Capital

Xiang Rui was the deputy commander of the Blue Mountain Company, Chu Yingwan’s trusted aide and longtime friend.

After the Heavenly Might Battalion had been disbanded, he was sent to the Heavenly Enlightenment Battalion.

He was still a company deputy commander, but not of an elite company anymore.

That wasn’t really a big deal. However, the Heavenly Enlightenment Battalion’s commander, Long Ke, had received his position by declaring his loyalty to the Crown Prince.

He was one of the two generals who openly supported the Crown Prince.

And because of that, Xiang Rui’s life was not easy.

But ‘not easy’ was not the same as being arrested.

Upon hearing Chu Yingwan’s words, Shi Kaihuang asked, “What happened?”

“They said that he tried to murder someone.”

“Tried to murder someone?” Su Chen and Shi Kaihuang yelled simultaneously.

Xiang Rui didn’t actually believe that the person he had killed with his palm strike didn’t deserve to die. Actually, that person’s actions of forcing himself onto female commoners, beating the elderly, and doing as he pleased more than justified his fate.

But the problem was that Xiang Rui was not actually guilty of killing the man!

Xiang Rui knew exactly how much power had gone into the palm strike of his. It was enough to force the bully to spit out a mouthful of blood and suffer some injuries, or...

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