Chapter 225: Sect Initiation

Chapter 225: Sect Initiation

That night was filled with laughter and happiness for those present.

After the event, Su Chen returned to his guest residence.

At this point, it was already deep into the night, and the lanterns were dim or completely out.

Su Chen walked alone through the dark alleyway, which was empty and desolate.

He walked for some time before stopping. “Com out.”

A large group of figures spilled out into the alleyway, surrounding Su Chen.

However, when they came in front of Su Chen, they all knelt in and orderly fashion and said, “Greetings to Commander!”

It was Le Feng and the others.

However, the person kneeling at the very front was not Le Feng, but an exceptionally tall man.

Iron Cliff!

He had finally returned, and was standing amongst the seventy-three human soldiers at this moment.

“Master!” Iron Cliff stared at Su Chen as he said with excitement.

Su Chen ran over and gave Iron Cliff a big hug. “How come you’re here? Aren’t you taking care of the Hurricane Stoneskins right now?”

Iron Cliff revealed a sheepish smile. “The Hurricane Stoneskins can survive without Iron Cliff, but I cannot live without Master.”

Su Chen stared at Iron Cliff before nodding firmly. “Good, very good, exceptionally good!”

His simple words gave Su Chen quite a bit of gratification.

After looking at everyone, Su Chen said,...

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