Chapter 224: Banquet

Chapter 224: Banquet

The public hearing had just ended when Xiao Feinan came looking for him.

“Well done,” Xiao Feinan said as he patted Su Chen on the back. Was he praising him for doing a good job at the public hearing or for what he had done in Ravager territory? No one knew.

Su Chen faintly said, “How are Instructor and General?”

“Don’t worry about them. Even though the Crown Prince wants to make trouble for them, he has no actual evidence that they colluded with the Ravagers, so he can only do a little bit here or there. They will come back sooner or later, and they will be rewarded.”

“But why does he want to do this?” Su Chen asked.

Xiao Feinan sighed, “You already know the answer, don’t you?”

Su Chen squinted his eyes.

So it was related to Instructor, huh?

That didn’t surprise him in the slightest.

Shi Kaihuang had said before that something like this would happen, but neither of them had expected that tens of thousands of innocents would be involved when it did happen.

Even so, these were nobles. In order to meet their needs, any number of innocent lives was an acceptable number to sacrifice.

Su Chen’s mood was still hazy, but Xiao Feinan chuckled. “Let’s not think too much about it. Since you guys made it back, then we...

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