Chapter 223: Coercion

Chapter 223: Coercion

The public hearing ended.

As soon as Su Chen refuted Sun Mo to the point that he was speechless, Lin Wenjun knew that he wouldn't be able to overturn Su Chen anymore. Even though he could continue to push Su Chen about the Three Yangs Medicine, he also knew that Su Chen would be able to easily find a way out of the situation.

He had somehow managed to cleanly deal with an actual witness, so how would he possibly pin something that no one had witnessed on him?

Actually, the most important factor was not how agile Su Chen's tongue was - it was how many people from the Flowing Gold Fort supported him.

In the system of authority for the real world, the truth was not actually so important. What was more important was having the right backers and sufficient influence.

As the hero who had saved the Heavenly Might Battalion, Su Chen had the deep gratitude of many of the generals within the Flowing Gold Fort. This gratitude and support would ensure that they would have done their best to protect him even if Su Chen was easily defeated by Sun Mo. On the other hand, without this kind of support, whether or not Sun Mo was here didn’t really matter. If they all wanted him dead, they could just find any old reason to finish him off.

Here, principles, justification, truth, and glib tongues weren’t...

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