Chapter 222: Public Hearing (2)

Chapter 222: Public Hearing (2)


Delighted laughter rang out through the hall. The generals were quite pleased with the way Su Chen reacted.

No matter how much influence the Crown Prince had, their respect for heroes wouldn’t decrease in the slightest.

“Is that so?” Lin Wenjun laughed coldly, as if he had anticipated this response from Su Chen a long time ago. “But the people from the Immortal Temple don’t seem to say the same thing.”

“Oh? What do they say, then?” Su Chen asked.

“You want to know?” Lin Wenjun clapped his hands and said, “Bring the man up!”

As Lin Wenjun yelled, a man was brought onto the stage.

When he walked past Su Chen, he shot him a glance.

Su Chen frowned slightly.

The man before him did seem somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t remember exactly why.

Su Chen was very clear that this man was not one of Shi Mingfeng’s people. As Su Chen had gotten closer with the Immortal Temple, his usefulness had increased, so the Immortal Temple had done their best to protect him. Apart from the people that had gotten to know Su Chen very early on, no one else was permitted to contact him.

However, this sense of familiarity only told Su Chen that it really was possible that they had met before.

The man stood before the assembly...

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