Chapter 221: Public Hearing (1)

Chapter 221: Public Hearing (1)

A large group of generals sat in a large hall.

These generals were all on the same level as Li Chongshan. Almost all of the generals and garrison commanders stationed in the Flowing Gold Fort were present.

Su Chen stood at the very bottom of the hall.

The individual presiding over the hall was a white-haired old man.

Su Chen knew that this man was the Commander-In-Chief of the Ravager Extermination Army, Hong Qianzhu.

Hong Qianzhu was of the Brightlake Hong Clan. He possessed the Killer Overlord Beast Bloodline, a Demonic Emperor’s bloodline, giving him tremendous strength. During his peak, he had single-handedly charged into a formation of Ravager soldiers and emerged totally unscathed. Shortly thereafter, he was crowned with the title of “God of War” and the number one individual in terms of status below the imperial family.

However, the Killer Overlord Beast’s peerless strength came at the cost of vitality. When you factored in the old man’s dauntless style of battle and the many wounds he had sustained, his lifespan had been severely impacted, and he had gradually drifted past his prime. His current state was actually quite similar to how Sachar had been before his untimely death.

As he had gotten older, his Qi and blood had thinned out, causing him to lose some of the majestic aura he once had. Currently, his...

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