Chapter 220: Return

Chapter 220: Return

A short while later.

The sounds of piteous wails could be heard echoing throughout the forest.

“Why? Why did this happen? I already ascended to Lord-Class, but why am I still unable to defeat him? I refuse to admit...... AH!”

Su Chen interrupted his complaints by cutting off a large chunk of his life source and taking it for himself.

“You should consider yourself lucky. Not everyone who betrays me gets a second chance,” Su Chen said faintly. “If you even think about doing it again, remember the price that you will pay.”

“I...... acknowledge my wrongdoing...... Master!” the paper crane whimpered at Su Chen’s feet.

“If you acknowledge your wrongdoing, then let’s go.” Su Chen stepped onto the paper crane.

Su Chen himself could obviously fly, and he also had the Cloud Piercing Shuttles on him. At this moment, however, he preferred to fly around on a paper crane.

The paper crane took Su Chen and flew back along the return path.

Seven days later, the paper crane arrived at the Harvey Plains, where the Gravel Lizard Tribe was situated. At this point in time, the Gravel Lizard Tribe was already the most powerful tribe in the southern area of Ravager territory. Danba had gone on a rampage, subjugating ten or so tribes in a single sweep.

Su Chen was very warmly received...

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