Chapter 219: Pet

Chapter 219: Pet

"What's going on?"

The Scarlet Heart stared at this column of light in shock.

Under the effect of this column of light, Su Chen's body, which had been rapidly deteriorating, suddenly began to expand. His muscles bulged, seemingly filled with boundless energy.

"ROAR!" Su Chen actually tilted his head back and howled like a primal beast, the aura even causing the Scarlet Heart to tremble ever so slightly.

"This is...... totemic light?" He stared blankly.

A familiar sight appeared in his eyes. Su Chen's body began to glow brightly as totemic inscriptions surfaced on his skin.

However, this light was so blindingly bright that it far exceeded the level of anything the Scarlet had ever seen before. As far as he could remember, there were only a few Ravagers who had ever reach this level of blinding brilliance.

This was...... the Greater Perfection Realm!

A Greater Perfection Totem.

The Scarlet Heart didn't understand how this was possible.

How could a human possess a Greater Perfection Totem belonging to the Ravagers?

At this moment, Su Chen seemed to have turned into a violent, barbaric Ravager. The muscles on his body were brimming with energy as they expanded, and he had even suddenly grown a fair bit taller.

The Lotus Platform retracted into Su Chen's body again. He relied merely on his physical body to resist the...

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